The 🤑 🤑 🤑 in starting your own Teeth Whitening Business!

  If you’re here, that means you need to understand the financials. Which are my speciality, in fact when I started this business – it was the financials that made this an instant decision for me in 2010 before I had any business name, concept, strategy or any remote clue how I was going to … Continued

Becoming a magnet to your ideal client!

Picture this… ✨Your business is thriving✨. Your clients are always on time, leave raving views, tip generously, refer everyone they talk to and never complain about price increases. You love getting up in the morning because your clients are pretty much your BFFs. You can’t wait to see them, they can’t wait to see you, … Continued

What makes entrepreneurship so sexy?

The Oh’La’La’s of Entrepreneurship… …Freedom. 😍🕊️ Freedom to be able to afford what you need, when you need it. Freedom to be able to afford what you WANT when you want it. The ability to live life unrestrained to schedules or budgets. It’s the knowing that you, your family and your loved ones are taken care … Continued