Elite Diamond Training Kit

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$3,499.99 - $3,499.99

Our newest package!
Combining all our available teeth whitening gels, added products for take home/to add to service, both tooth gem application systems and LED therapy (including specialty light).

This is the ELITE kit. For the serious entrepreneurs and business builder.
If you are looking to scale your existing business to new heights and understand returns, this kit is for you. The sales generated from this kit will surpass your investment at least 5x.

More Gels. More Product. More Services = More Value, Higher Returns & More Vacations.

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FREE: Get a full cannister of medical grade disinfectant Cavi Wipes and 50 masks!
(Limited time only, while supplies last)

Sale ends October 31st 2021 – while supplies last.
Choose your LED Curing Light color below to customize your Elite Diamond Experience!


Earn up to 3,499 Points.



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Purple, Pink, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Green

6 reviews for Elite Diamond Training Kit

  1. Valerie

    I did a lot of looking around for teeth whitening but so many kits didn’t include actual supplies afterwards or any of the other gels, this was definitely more money but its easy to find cheap training and I’ve always believed in the saying “buy cheap-buy twice”. I wasn’t going to take that chance starting a business!! The fact they have all the supplies ready to go too when you need more is a huge bonus and the pricing is definitely the best for wholesale. I got my entire kit within 1 week of ordering and it was so much fun to unpack. This package literally lets you start up an entire business with a huge menu right off the bat, such a good deal and the online training was great! I’ve already done mine, my best friend and boyfriends teeth and so happy with the results. Would recommend!

  2. Carly

    Whoa! Blown away by this kit! It was never ending! So happy I choose this one and invested more right off the get go. I’ve had it for a month I’ve already done each type of teeth whitening and am blown away. Really impressed and happy with this investment.

  3. Ronda

    The perfect kit for a relaunch after a shutdown to bring a bunch of new services all at once, training was so easy for all of it. It’s not hard or intimidating, it really is like, stupid easy. Get this kit.

  4. Daydrian

    This is a huge kit, there’s so much but its all so easy! I was SO nervous but I knew I really wanted this kit with everything included and just packed to start my business with as much as I could from the get go. I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED! I’ve already told all my friends where they need to go if they want training or to start their own business, you won’t be let down. There’s so much to help you get started, I reviewed EVERYTHING for a couple weeks before launching and feel like I myself gained 10 years of experience. AMAZING!! Definitely recommend!

  5. Jessica

    Really happy I went for this kit and started off with everything, it was like its own little salon start up with all the stuff I could offer. Training is good, the course is easy (but not too easy). I was nervous to learn it all online but I got such quick responses when I asked any questions prior to purchasing I felt confident that I could get help if I needed and I thought I would be asking a million questions but I was definitely making it out to be worse in my head. The services are pretty straight forward and I like that the course doesn’t expire so I can go back to it if I want a refresher. Unpacking everything was my favorite part, I had no idea it would be like opening a Birthday gift. I felt really appreciated as a customer and would recommend this bundle to anyone who wants to build a business.

  6. Nathalie R

    This is mind blowing. I was so impressed with everything, training, the kit, packaging and the support. Its very personal and worth every penny. I started a brand new business right off the bat with 4 services, if they get more training programs they have a student for life. The teeth whitening resources alone are incredible for people like me starting a new business. Everything about this program and business is genuine and I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to start a business.

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