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We offer online training!

Learn with our comprehensive cosmetic teeth whitening course compact with theory, videos, tips and tricks and much more!
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This course is entirely online and self-directed, which means it can be learned in as quick as a couple hours or spread out at your leisure.

**Please contact us for multiple machines and/or multiple certifications**

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Join the beauty boom today!

Qualified teeth whitening specialists are in demand now more than ever!
Join the technician family and get ready to rebuild that savings account, plan for that overdue vacation (lord knows we all need one) or take your future into your own hands and build your own empire!

All starter kits are packed with value and include everything needed to get you trained to offer the service immediately. Unlike our competitors, we have a successful 11 year track record with our brand. Furthermore, our training programs have been specifically designed with the help of the best in the industry and our advising committee. We work closely with the American/Canadian Dental Association, dental hygienists and dentists alike to ensure our training is most relevant and up-to date!

Whether you are looking to start up a new business, add to an existing menu or simply just want to start a side hustle we’ve got you covered. We have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs; empire builders and small business owners scale and start their businesses!

Our online training program includes an in-depth, but easy to learn, training program (course) full of videos and electronic modules. This means you can easily review the content and study it yourself at your own pace or get it done in as little as a 2 hours! 
Videos on application, extra services, extra products and so much more are also included in addition to 1-1 support from our senior instructors.
Certificates are included & issued upon completion of your certification quiz which can be completed when you are ready, online.
You receive your certificate via PDF within 1 business day.

Botanical whitening gel is our 2nd, vegan/peroxide free formula! This is safe for pregnant and nursing women, children as young as 12 and those who prefer an all natural/peroxide free gel! 

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60 reviews for Teeth Whitening Training & Kit

  1. Vic


  2. Charee

    I purchased silver in august 2018 and am very happy

  3. Sarah

    I purchased the platinum back in June and If I could give this 10 stars I would. You can tell Kelly puts her heart and soul into everything and goes the extra mile, even in her videos. Aside from the actual products being incredible (I have never had an issue and done over 75 people) the resource centre always has something new, there’s so much content to help you grow, Kelly & Megan answer emails/messages really quickly, things ship out fast. I usually prefer class training but the online content is really good and I felt really comfortable going into everything. Definitely recommend if you want to add this service or start your own business!

  4. Jennifer

    So happy I went with the unicorn beauty bar so much is included and i like the little gifts and decorations with my orders

  5. Madison


  6. Coryn

    I purchased the quickstart a few months ago because I wanted to do mobile and attach it to my rolling cart. It works perfect and I have no complaints. I also have the folding table in my home room and just attach it when I want to use it there.

  7. Krysten

    gold, december 2018

  8. olivia

    I got gold during lockdown so I could reopen with a new service and I definitely recommend, there is a lot in the resorce center and I really like all the free images we can use, this saves me so much time. Theres so much support and information and any time I have a question I always get a response that day, usually right away.

  9. Illona

    platinum, so good so worth it

  10. linsey

    really happy with everything

  11. Zainab

    Glad I choose The Unicorn to add teeth whitening to my laser business, the program was in depth and I felt more than equipped to go into the industry confidently. My package shipped the same day and I was able to study everything myself and reach out whenever I had questions (that were answered almost immediately).

  12. Lauren

    Kelly is so helpful! Her training makes it feel like you are getting 1-1 training and shes always been so helpful whenever I have a question. I didnt think I would like online training because I prefer group or classes but Kelly made this really easy even though it feels like theres soooo much! The kit was packaged so amazingly I felt like it was Christmas in September. 10 out of 10 recommend!!

  13. Avalee

    bought two golds for my home studio, I absolutely love teeth whitening, this product and the results. Everything ships out so fast, amazing customer service and sooo easy.

  14. Haley

    I am a registered dental hygienist and I purchased 2 silver systems to add to my mobile hygienist services and I love them, I bring everything I need in a bin and set up in minutes and able to do 2-3 people easily by myself. Since adding it I’ve booked up quicker than I thought and it’s helping me pay off my student loans faster. Was impressed with the material I learned as well and can definitely vouch for its accuracy. Definitely recommend if you are thinking of starting your own business! (Purchased Summer of 2019).

  15. Lori

    I purchased the platinum and its literally 4 services in one package, I am so happy with everything so far (purchased in April 2020) and definitely recommend.

  16. Kim


  17. riana

    I have two gold machines and its so worth it to get to 2. Friends/couples etc that come in together double up your sales, its so easy to do it more than one person at once.

  18. Fatima

    2 golds, group training in Feb 2020, happy with everything, thorough training and lots of support if I needed to reach out.

  19. Dina

    started out with silver, eventually added everything else and got the platinum machine too, I’ve been a tech for over 2 years and super happy with everything. Easy to order supplies, the best pricing out there, resources are always growing, all kinds of new products get added. You should probably only purchase this if you actually care to be a real technician with a good product. Don’t fall for all the crappy cheap training out there cause you’ll get what you pay for.

  20. LushRoyalty Inc.

    We recently purchased multiple kits & training, a total of 6 stations. 4 in our commercial location and 2 at a kiosk (ready for post lockdown). Kelly was professional in her virtual group training with myself and my girls who will be administering teeth whitening. We found The Unicorn while comparing/shopping around and after speaking to Kelly knew that we were going to go with her company. She responded to an email on a Saturday evening for pete’s sake haha. Her prices are a steal when it comes to the value and for supplies; well you can’t ask for better profit margins in the beauty industry. She shipped out 6 full kits the next day and had us all trained over the weekend. Her training was comprehensive and thorough and the added access to the resources is a huge bonus since my girls can always go back for review. The added value of bloodborne certification played especially important as many of our other services could benefit from this as well. She has been nothing but pleasant to work with and we’ve also recently hired her to mentor and coach our technicians on a weekly basis in all things teeth whitening, business and mindset. We look forward to seeing the development and highly recommend her company for your teeth whitening training and/or business/mindset coaching.

  21. Maddy

    did the custom bundle option, got silver kit and temp gem and love everything.

  22. cass & pam

    me and my best friend got the quickstart in november 2019 and do mobile teams together when we can. I can speak for both of us in this review. Really good training material, fast responses, ships everything out quick, cute packaging and really helpful resources.

  23. Carrie

    Love the product and the results, no issues with sensitivity, great training and support. Definitely recommend!

  24. Heather

    (2 Platinums, purchased in May 2020) 100% recommend. Kelly is genuinely one of the nicest people and goes above and beyond. I like the 1-1 feel of everything in the training centre since her videos are very personable. There is SOOO much content, I honestly can’t get over how much extra is included and didn’t even really realize. Super happy with everything, the results, the products and there’s like zero sensitivity. I am so glad I choose The Unicorn, definitely worth the investment and you really can make it back so quick!

  25. Stephanie


  26. Ada

    Purchased two gold machines to set up two stations. The packaging was so fun to open and the clipboards were so pretty and a nice gift! Definitely glad i choose this company because you can tell they are trying to help people start businesses, not just sell a kit. It’s all in the details. I even did my own teeth and was so happy with the results i have really sensitive teeth and i didn’t even feel a thing.

  27. Nicki

    really good training and support, really impressed with all the extras included. my favorite perk was the square referral cause now I have a machine to accept debit and free processing to start, really happy with everything.

  28. Jenn

    love the product so much! Purchased Gold and I should have gotten two right off the bat but I will definitely order a second machine soon.

  29. dee


  30. Kayla

    Started right off the bat with two golds, such a good deal, love the product, training, extra certificates, all of it. Definitely recommend if you want to start teeth whitening, this is is who you choose.

  31. Nova

    I have had my two systems since early 2016, I only recommend the Unicorn for starting up training and supplies. I’ve seen this company grow so much and Kelly give back to their technicians. You cannot be disappointed with everything included and the value of their programs.

  32. Brittany

    I got the platinum with an extra machine, it’s such a nice machine! Kelly and her team are sooo helpful they always answer emails right away and have so much advice. I love her raw and real podcast and how inspiring she is. I am really happy I went with the unicorn for the training! Great product, great customer service, great training, definitely recommend.

  33. Parveen

    silver, love the product

  34. Lisa

    Kelly is so helpful and the training is so easy!! (but not too easy haha). Amazing customer service, great product, fast shipping, so many resources and not only does she actually have the supplies when you need more but she has BEST pricing for supplies (I did my research!!). HIGHLY RECOMMEND! It’s nice to see a small business constantly improving and listening to their customers, Kelly is always quick to look into new things for us and something’s always getting an upgrade.
    So happy I went with The Unicorn! (Purchased two golds, best decision ever to be able to do multiple people at the same time, its so easy and makes so much money!)

  35. Melanie

    The platinum kit. Such a nice light and looks so professional, the procedure is so easy and the training was so good. Definitely recommend the platinum!

  36. Ashlee

    2 Golds. They stock all the whitening gels (like gold, botanical xx) and lots of wholesale products you can sell for retail, highly recommend!

  37. Lacey

    I have been doing teeth whitening for about 6 months and I love it. I am so happy I went with The Unicorn. Kelly and everyone is so friendly, super helpful, really fast shipping for supplies. My orders always go out within a day its crazy and they answer emails fast. I really appreciate that every order is decorated to some capacity, I cant recommend them enough honestly.

  38. Natasha

    I purchased the Platinum and everything shipped out the same day, everyone answers emails so fast, I absolutely love Kellys podcast and am so happy I went with her company.

  39. leia

    two silvers, absolutely love this service. These reviews speak for themselves, WHOA! so happy with my kit, the training and that theres way more product than actually advertised, just everything!!

  40. Zoe

    I got two platinum’s so I could do two people at once and I definitely recommend it!!! Its so easy and I plan to save up to add more 2 machines so I can do groups. I can’t even believe how good of a deal it is and the money you make, im hooked I LOVE TEETH WHITENING!

  41. April

    I purchased the Gold, definitely recommend. Kelly is so helpful and the course was so good, already did myself and my best friend and loved the results. Everything came really quick and was really easy to learn.

  42. Gabby

    I am so happy I went with The Unicorn, this program has changed my life! You literally cannot regret choosing Kelly and her business for teeth whitening.

  43. Taylor

    I got a silver and I should have gotten two. I love teeth whitening, this is such an amazing product and the course was so good.

  44. Katelyn

    The Platinum was so much fun to unpack, everything was packaged so pretty. I also joined the ambassador program right away cause my friend was waiting to see what mine was like before getting hers and we were both able to get free bonus supplies for referring. I also got to choose from a Sephora, Starbucks or Amazon $50 gift card as another one of my bonuses too (+ a bunch of points). This is honestly such a great business and I am so happy I went with this company for all my training. Confidently can recommend!

  45. Karen

    gold, easy to do and put together.

  46. Mikayla

    I absolutely love this company, so glad I got my kits from here!

  47. Bianca

    10/10 recommend for training. This is beyond the best program out there guaranteed, love the personalized kits and the support. The course is very thorough and professional, I love the product and all the extra coaching and assets.

  48. jackie

    Definitely get the second machine, so much fun to do two people at once.

  49. Jessica

    such good service, really good training! Platinum kit is the way to go.

  50. Michelle

    I got the silver on sale and I am really happy with it, thank you.

  51. Ashley B

    Don’t make the same mistake I did and go anywhere else. This is everything you need and so much more.

  52. Deanna

    Platinum – best kit out there

  53. Yvonne

    I purchased two platinum’s and I have been booked non-stop with people wanting to come in with friends, couples etc. The money is crazy and just a few more clients and the kit paid for itself, then I still have lots of product left over before I need more. Training is so good, I was really impressed with the course. I felt prepared in all aspects and really confident in what I was doing. Great program, great product and great service!

  54. Kendra

    So happy I went with The Unicorn for training, I have no words, I didn’t even realize everything included would end up being so helpful, especially the Instagram posts. very impressed with everything!

  55. Shannon

    So easy and I got everything in just a few days, faster than Amazon. The packaging was so much fun and the course was amazing, learned so much but its broken down so well. Love the results and the procedure itself is so easy I want to get a second machine to do two people at once, I should have started with two its so worth it.

  56. Tiffany

    definitely recommend the unicorn and the gold kit the course is insanely good and makes you feel like a professional. I am so impressed with everything, 10000000% recommend!

  57. Kerrie

    I got two silvers cause my space was limited so I wanted the smallest machine possible, I can’t believe this little clamp light is so powerful. I am blown away by this service. I currently offer 11 other services and this is by far my favorite, i love the course and everything about the kit – no complaints from me at all highly recommend.

  58. Mariam


  59. Carine

    10 out of 10 recommend – no matter what kit you choose this is where you want to go.

  60. Stephanie

    platinum, really pretty light, great quality, lots of supplies, fast shipping, great customer service!

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