The Ceo (Diamond) Starter Kit

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We offer online training!

*Now available* 1-1 Training and Group Classes are open!

Learn with our comprehensive cosmetic teeth whitening course compact with theory, videos, tips and tricks and much more!
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This course is entirely online and self-directed, which means it can be learned in as quick as a couple hours or spread out at your leisure.

‘The Ceo’ is the perfect choice for those who want to add multiple services/scale their business in one easy swoop!
This kit includes our LED Therapy Treatment Light and Module which makes your return unlimited!

This kit combines our platinum contents in addition to our professional LED Therapy Treatment Unit and training! In addition to scaling your business with multiple teeth whitening treatments/products the LED Therapy is a pain-free, all natural treatment safe for children and pets! LED Therapy works by administering treatment with a LED Light in different colors/wavelengths and periods of time to target different problem areas. Everything from muscle/joint pain to acne to psoriasis and fine lines (+so much more!) can benefit with this incredible all natural treatment!

This kit sets you up with an incredible premium machine that is chic, modern and professional. The machine is lightweight enough it can still be portable for mobile, events or between locations.
This kit also includes our premium teeth whitening accelerator, it has two LED touch screens and a very handy 1-minute beep that alerts you you are ending the near of a round/session.

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Qualified teeth whitening specialists are in demand now more than ever!
Join the technician family and get ready to rebuild that savings account, plan for that overdue vacation (lord knows we all need one) or take your future into your own hands and build your own empire!

All starter kits are packed with value and include everything needed to get you trained to offer the service immediately. Unlike our competitors, we have a successful 11 year track record with our brand. Furthermore, our training programs have been specifically designed with the help of the best in the industry and our advising committee. We work closely with the American/Canadian Dental Association, dental hygienists and dentists alike to ensure our training is most relevant and up-to date!

Whether you are looking to start up a new business, add to an existing menu or simply just want to start a side hustle we’ve got you covered. We have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs; empire builders and small business owners scale and start their businesses!

Our online training program includes an in-depth, but easy to learn, training program (course) full of videos and electronic modules. This means you can easily review the content and study it yourself at your own pace over a few days or complete it in as little as 1 day!
Videos on application, extra services, extra products and so much more are also included in addition to 1-1 support from our senior instructors.
Certificates are included & issued upon completion of your certification quiz which can be completed when you are ready, online.
You receive your certificate via PDF within 1 business day.

Botanical whitening gel is our 2nd, vegan/peroxide free formula! This is safe for pregnant and nursing women, children as young as 12 and those who prefer an all natural/peroxide free gel! 

11 reviews for The Ceo (Diamond) Starter Kit

  1. Valerie

    I did a lot of looking around for teeth whitening but so many kits didn’t include actual supplies afterwards or any of the other gels, this was definitely more money but its easy to find cheap training and I’ve always believed in the saying “buy cheap-buy twice”. I wasn’t going to take that chance starting a business!! The fact they have all the supplies ready to go too when you need more is a huge bonus and the pricing is definitely the best for wholesale. I got my entire kit within 1 week of ordering and it was so much fun to unpack. This package literally lets you start up an entire business with a huge menu right off the bat, such a good deal and the online training was great! I’ve already done mine, my best friend and boyfriends teeth and so happy with the results. Would recommend!(Previous Version)

  2. Carly

    Whoa! Blown away by this kit! It was never ending! So happy I choose this one and invested more right off the get go. I’ve had it for a month I’ve already done each type of teeth whitening and am blown away. Really impressed and happy with this investment.(Previous Version)

  3. Ronda

    The perfect kit for a relaunch after a shutdown to bring a bunch of new services all at once, training was so easy for all of it. It’s not hard or intimidating, it really is like, stupid easy. Get this kit.(Previous Version)

  4. Daydrian

    This is a huge kit, there’s so much but its all so easy! I was so nervous but I knew I really wanted this kit with everything included and just packed to start my business with as much as I could from the get go. I am NOT disappointed! I’ve already told all my friends where they need to go if they want training or to start their own business, you won’t be let down. There’s so much to help you get started, I reviewed everything for a couple weeks before launching and feel like I myself gained 10 years of experience. AMAZING!! Definitely recommend! (Previous Version)

  5. Jessica

    Really happy I went for this kit and started off with everything, it was like its own little salon start up with all the stuff I could offer. Training is good, I was nervous to learn it all online but I got such quick responses when I asked any questions prior to purchasing I felt confident that I could get help if I needed and I thought I would be asking a million questions but I was definitely making it out to be worse in my head. The services are pretty straight forward and I like that the course doesn’t expire so I can go back to it if I want a refresher. Unpacking everything was my favorite part, I had no idea it would be like opening a Birthday gift. I felt really appreciated as a customer and would recommend this bundle to anyone who wants to build a business.(Previous Version)

  6. Natalie R

    This is mind blowing. I was so impressed with everything, training, the kit, packaging and the support. Its very personal and worth every penny. I started a brand new business right off the bat with 4 services, if they get more training programs they have a student for life. The teeth whitening resources alone are incredible for people like me starting a new business. Everything about this program and business is genuine and I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to start a business. (Previous Version)

  7. Heather L

    The kit is such a great price for everything you get. I got my entire order within a week from start to finish, I have already seen great results on my friends practicing and I can’t wait to build my business. I love the premade posts and captions, its makes so much of starting up a business easier. Really happy with my purchase and would definitely vouch for this company.

  8. Norah

    Such a great deal for everything you get, excited to get started.

  9. Madison T

    I have been a technician for years with and Kelly’s program and this business just keeps getting better and better. I was not expecting a program to be so committed to their students but Kelly has set the bar really high for me. I started with teeth whitening and added gems and LED therapy over time. Honestly, the only problem I have with her and her business is that she doesn’t have more training programs because I would literally trust no one else or want to go anywhere else for training. I hate that I even have to for other services – please get more!

  10. Jillian

    got the CEO and I had a lot of fun opening the package. Every order I have placed since comes with a little gift and some cute wrapping, for a wholesale company this is unheard of so thank you for going the extra mile. You are in good hands if you get any kit from here, Kelly and her team are amazing!

  11. Lana

    I echo and share the sentiments above, Kelly really goes above and beyond in her program. She is constantly adding new resources/products etc to help you in your business and gives you everything you could think of and all the stuff you’d never think of. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll succeed if you take full advantage of what she has to offer!

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