Tooth Gem Training & Sparkle Pro Business Kit

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We offer online training!

Learn with our comprehensive Tooth Jewelry course compact with theory, videos, tips and tricks and much more!

This course is entirely online and self-directed, which means it can be learned in as quickly as a couple of hours or spread out at your leisure.
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Everything you need to get started right away.

Select a kit below to see its contents and build your empire/side hustle today!

Customize your kit: choose the color of your handheld LED curing light!

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Become a tooth gem artist and gempreneur today! Enjoy a fun & lucrative side hustle or add it to an existing service menu.

The Unicorn Beauty Bar is proud to offer two kinds of tooth gem bonding techniques.

We are the only company to offer both temporary and semi-permanent gem training, starter kits and wholesale supplies.

Both styles are adhered with dental grade bonds (composites/adhesives – same used for braces etc).

No drilling, no damage and completely reversible!

Temporary gems are our universal and original style! These have an easy application, are easily removed during routine cleaning at a dentist office and have a crystal clear finish. They are our most popular choice!

Semi Perm can only be removed by a dentist with a special tool (added cost to your client). They can normally last longer and be more resilient to acidic diets. They are ideal for design applications like the chandelier (done with very fine dust).

You can always add on the second system if you choose only one to start, this will be available in your supplies section.

Certificates are included and issued upon completion of your certification quiz which can be completed when you are ready, online.

Your kit will be shipped in 1 business day of having been purchased. Once your kit ships you will receive multiple emails including tracking information, access to the Cosmetic Tooth Jewelry curriculum and student pricing portal.

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Temporary, Semi – Permanent, Temp & Semi Combo Kit

Curing Light

Purple Royalty, Celestial Blue, Cash Money Green, Classic Coin Silver, Royal Gold

54 reviews for Tooth Gem Training & Sparkle Pro Business Kit

  1. Jennifer

    so much fun to unpack, i wasnt expecting it to be so personal. everything was packed nice and labeled, the gems are so pretty

  2. Emily

    love it

  3. Johanna

    semi perm, takes practice and its easy to overdispense so use less than you think so it doesn’t look clunky, will try the temp soon

  4. Sameera

    Wish I would have recorded the unboxing, I got the temp kit in the summer and all my gems are staying on for months so far. A couple had come off quick but they were my first ones and I think I just had to perfect my technique, now its so easy and quick.

  5. viv


  6. Ceecee

    temp, so easy like it way more then other brands because you cant even see it on the tooth. the gems are so pretty. I got a few extra lights so I could do groups when things back to normal and we are allowed.

  7. Tiana Adams

    So much fun to open and super happy with everything. Purchased temp in August 2020,

  8. Liza

    such a good service to add no matter your business, its so quick and easy. (Temporary)

  9. Andrea

    Combo, purchased both when it was available, definitely do more temps and prefer it way more but I always use the semi perm for all the gold or big designs

  10. nancy

    semi permanent, good products, always ships out supplies right away just wish it was a little faster (actual shipping time) since I am in the US (CA), definitely have to plan ahead!

  11. Alexis

    temp, love it, easy service to upsell, takes 5 minutes, the gems are so pretty

  12. whitney

    temp is better for crystals, the semi perm is better for gold gems for sure. You definitely do more crystals then anything else so I say start with temp and add the semi if you want to do gold gems. I have used the temp for gold but they don’t last long. Semi doesn’t look good on crystals cause you can see it. Just my opinion, but definitely love that they have BOTH available and highly recommend. Also, take care of the products like they say, these things cure in light so don’t leave it out like I did ?

  13. Ally

    temporary, quick shipping, purchased my kit and had access to the training and my kit shipped the same day. super impressed with everything.

  14. Carly

    Initially purchased the semi perm, added temp after and prefer it. It’s a lot easier and quicker and most stay on for a reasonable amount of time. I didn’t realize students also got special pricing on the other training so I will be adding teeth whitening soon and am so excited for it!

  15. Kailey

    I purchased the temp, super easy and the training is easy. I really enjoyed unboxing as it was Christmas themed and had a really cute tin box with a really pretty bag. You can definitely tell its all done by hand which is really thoughtful! It was fun to open and I appreciated that everything was labeled so I knew what it all was. Cant wait for our lockdown to end as I already have people wanting this!

  16. dana

    temp, good extra little service to add to any business since its so easy and fast. shipping was fast and cute packaging.

  17. Chandi

    permanent, everything is good so far

  18. Jessica

    The gems are so pretty, loved the packaging! (Temporary)

  19. Trina Cook

    I’ve been using the universal one (it’s called temporary but they all last a long time for my clients) for over a year. I have the semi system too for some gold or larger gems but most people get crystals so I use the universal mostly, definitely recommend. Always quick shipping, just wish they had gold gems, hopefully in the future!

  20. Candice S

    Purchased the temporary, love it! SOOO easy, quick, fun and pretty. I hope the gem trend stays for a while!

  21. Lisa

    semi perm, LOVE IT! Definitely need to practice a lot but Kelly is SO helpful. Love the crystals and cant wait to try the temp!

  22. Katie

    I had been thinking of adding teeth gems for a while and following The Unicorn for months. I am so glad I purchased from an actual company that uses their own product/system and doesn’t just sell a kit/supplies. I honestly can’t recommend this enough, I purchased the semi perm and I definitely recommend practicing a lot like she recommends before doing paying clients. It does take a few times to get used to all the products and the process. Can’t wait to try the temporary and I love that we have access to both kinds and I can just add it whenever!

  23. bonnie


  24. Breyell

    Purchased temp to start, I love that they have both options available. Everything ships out fast and takes a bit a week to come to me (NS), amazing customer service and support, great products, great training.

  25. Chrissy

    I purchased the permanent and messed up my first few but now I get it. Definitely practice, practice, practice. Would also recommend getting a few of the mouth displays Kelly has for sale so you can practice on one and then decorate the other ones with different designs. They make really cool decor for your studio/space and your customers will love having examples to get ideas from. Will add temp in the future and do another review about it.

  26. Jasmin

    thank you for the free little gifts and samples you give with every order. Every time I order supplies there’s some sort of gift, I just love this company and want to take all the courses and any future ones they add. Also listening to the owners story on her podcast is so inspiring. Really recommend, and I can’t wait for the new products you have coming this summer.

  27. Emily


  28. Nina

    Temporary, love the gems and the cute little packaging for things. Orders go out so fast, someone mentioned the gifts and its true. I have a drawer where I put all my spare supplies/extra gifts and it always comes in handy. I love to support this small business, she’s constantly growing and adding new things. Definitely recommend!

  29. Charlie

    Purchase the combo.
    Shipped out the same day and I got it in 4 days, was so fast! The crystals are so pretty and I can’t wait till they get the opals. Having two different systems is honestly the best, I love the temporary/universal one the most.
    The temp is good for Swarovski’s and single gems or smaller designs which 90% of people get (like someone else mentioned already). Semi is good for heavier gems and big designs.
    These are my pros and cons for both:
    Temp pros: clear, easy and can last a really long time but easy enough to remove.
    Temp Cons: isn’t the best for heavier gems like gold.
    Semi pros: good for heavier gems.
    Semi Cons: really finicky, harder to learn and easier to mess up, can look chunky, costs your customer to have it removed at the dentist, can’t fix them etc.
    All in all I really love this service and I am happy with my kit and the training.

  30. Mason

    my honest review: worth it to get the combo kit and proper training because you can still buy gold gems from a bunch of other places since they are all public, they even tell you where to get the best gold gems. They have lots of swarovkis and cheap supplies. I know lots of other people who got kits from other places, even big companies and I HELP THEM with the training I got.

  31. Jessica

    took a long time to get to NL but it was CanadaPost fault, kit was good but I would love for it to include more crystals.

  32. Sharae

    I got the kit with both glues, very happy with everything so far.

  33. Mikayla

    I absolutely love this company, so glad I got my kits from here!

  34. Jazmine

    Teeth gems are literally the hottest service these days, this is definitely where you want to get your training and kit from. The kit with both is the best option, so far I definitely prefer the universal temporary one and use the semi permanent for gold gems or discoballs.

  35. Petra

    I’m late to leave a review but I have been doing tooth gems for almost two years and use both systems. Kelly is literally the best, I have sent so many people to get their training from her. Since day one its been awesome, great customer service, fast orders, this company has grown so much since I started and I can’t wait to see what else she has for us. highly recommend!

  36. Jennifer D

    Combo. Love the kit and the course, thank you.

  37. Lindsay

    I purchased both and love the temporary I use it for almost all designs even gold gems. I use the semi if I need to do anything with the dust other than my clients love how long it lasts and the support/training from Kelly is so good. She is the most professional in the business, goes above and beyond and is a great mentor. I am so happy I went with her business for training.

  38. Trish

    The packing was so personal and makes you feel valued as a customer/student/technician, I have told everyone in my community who has any service that this is where they need to go for teeth whitening or gems.

  39. Victoria

    hands down best products, best training and best customer service.

  40. Olivia

    Really happy I decided to get my kit/training from here, love my kit and the course was awesome!

  41. Nageen

    I am obsessed with the packaging and I loved my combo kit – everything is so pretty and professional, the opals are beautiful.

  42. Patrice

    semi permanent

  43. Brieana

    I have been doing tooth gems for 8 months now and love the process for both and my clients are over all happy with the retention. I am so happy I went with Kelly and all the helpful tips in the designs video is a major bonus!

  44. Emily P

    I love the kit and training was really in depth, the packaging is super cute and I am having so much fun doing tooth gems already!

  45. Erin

    Huge amount of crystals, most kits were 100 or less. Quick shipping everytime I need supplies, loved the course and being able to go back whenever I need to remember something. Always helpful too.

  46. Cortney L

    BEYOND grateful for Kelly and her amazing team for having me apart of this amazing experience ! I purchased the Boss platinum starter kit and I also purchased the gemstone semi permanent and temporary starter kits all at the same time. It was literally the best decision I’ve ever made business wise- the amount of love and support I have gained thru this academy alone is phenomenal. The team at the unicorn beauty bar has been nothing but respectful inspiring and so fast acting at replying at my every single pecking call- and I promise, There has been alot ! Haha. In the beginning I was so sceptical of this program bc there are so many scams out there but Kelly was right there beside me every step of the way assuring me it was all going to work out- not even 2 months in, my entire course and then some has been paid off in full and I’m already making more money than I ever was before- plus I’ve gained a whole whack of new friends 🥰. If you’re hesitant than that means you’re doing something right- take the leap- you won’t be disappointed. HUGE shout out to the unicorn beauty bar- beauty is formed in so many different ways and this academy has proven that well – cheers everyone. May your days be as bright as the smiles you’re about to see 🙂

  47. Priya

    This kit and training has everything you need to know about tooth gems, the fact its in a course is actually really helpful because you can go back to any part to learn about grills, or tips and tricks, or how to do the designs or whatever. Everything is in one place. I was torn between The Unicorn and another company but I am so happy I went with this company. I have had my kit for about 3 months and my clients love their gems as much as I loved this course.

  48. Serena

    I got the kit with both in January and I absolutely hate the permanent process but the temporary is so easy i wish they were both easy but i will do both so that I can offer all kinds of styles and have both options for my customers but definitely temporary is better.

  49. Kat

    I am over 2 years late to leave a review but still love my kit and training and happy I got my kit here! Kelly is genuinely one of the nicest people in this industry and so positive and encouraging. Definitely give yourself time like a year to get the hang of tooth gems. I almost quit multiple times in the beginning cause my gems kept falling off but now they all last about a year on average and I am glad I didn’t quit since gems is one of my most popular services – again practice practice practice! I do semi permanent mostly.

  50. Dannie

    My customers love the tooth gems, I do the temporary style and started in February and most of my customers still have their gems. The entire process from start to finish has been so easy, my orders always ship out so quick and the entire team has been so quick and supportive whenever I had a question. 10/10 recommend.

  51. Onyinye

    I have been doing gemming for a year and used both systems, its definitely something that takes a long time to master but so worth it. Always fast shipping, and I have a whole drawer of bits and pieces that always come in handy from the gifts.

  52. Tammy S

    The course was easy to follow, great content! They set you up for success!

  53. Tarryn

    I am so impressed with all the information in the course. I ended up knowing more than my friend whose been doing tooth gems for a year already (she took her training somewhere else). Having a course I can go into repeatedly is so helpful. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to take the best course out there. I feel so confident to get going and am excited to gem up some smiles!

  54. tyra m

    been gemming for 10 months and most of my clients still have their gems, I use the temp most even though I have the both kit. always fast shipping great support, cant wait to take their teeth whitening course to.

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