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Start your career as a teeth whitening specialist and build your very own empire. We are Canada’s leading provider of teeth whitening training and distribution with ongoing support, wholesale supplies, mentorship and so much more!

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Everything you need to build a profitable teeth whitening business!

Premium start up teeth whitening kit

‘The Hustler’ (Silver) Starter Kit

‘The Hustler’ Teeth Whitening Starter Kit is the ideal choice for those who are looking at something quick and convenient, plan on offering mobile services or have a smaller space. A quick start to give you a quick setup and make a quick income!

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Profitable teeth whitening business machines

‘The Boss’ (Platinum) Starter Kit

‘The Boss’ is for those who identify as a boss, self-made boss or future boss! This kit includes a return that easily doubles your investment as it also includes your necessities plus different types of whitening gels and a bunch of retail products.

Become A Boss
tooth gem starter kit teeth whitening

Icey Smiles Starter Kit

Learn how to create icey smiles by bedazzling your clients! An online course you can always refer back to with training videos on application and design work, included!. Choose from two different styles of application (or both): Temporary lasts weeks to years while our semi-permanent lasts months to years!

Bedazzle Smiles

What you will learn

Comprehensive theory, practical application, tips and tricks, marketing strategies, business coaching, after care and maintenance, mindset hacks and so much more all included and available in your resource centre.

  • Legal & Legislation Can it only be performed at a dentist office?
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Comprehensive Tooth Theory Anatomy, Causes for Discoloration etc
  • The Whitening Process
  • The Whitening Procedure
  • Risks & Exclusions
  • Aftercare & Maintenance
  • Suggested Pricing Guides
  • & so much more!

Plus: Complete access to updated training materials, supplies and much more. Learn More – ‘We don’t sell training programs, we build businesses’

Success and Revenue Potential

You could make full time earnings on part time availability. With one of the highest profit margins in the industry for services we also provide wholesale supplies, keeping you in returns at 10x your cost.

$109 - $250 per Appointment

2-3 clients per day.

$85,000 – $195,000+ per year!

Make your own schedule!

We don’t sell training programs, we build businesses.

Kelly Valentina - Owner

The Unicorn & Finally White Advantage

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Quality Ingredients
Quality Ingredients
Safe for Enamel
Safe for Enamel
Less than 1% chance of sensitivity
Less than 1% chance of sensitivity
Guaranteed Results
Guaranteed Results