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Online Training Programs

Learn at your own pace in an our self-directed online courses & training programs. Take your time or complete your training in as little as hours! All our kits ship out within 1 business day at which the same time your online access is activated and you can begin learning while your kit is on its way to you!

Purchase your kit, take your course & start your business today!

Everything you need to build a profitable teeth whitening business!

What you will learn

Comprehensive theory, practical application, tips and tricks, marketing strategies, business coaching, after care and maintenance, mindset hacks and so much more all included and available in your resource centre.

  • Legal & Legislation Can teeth whitening only be performed at a dentist office?
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Comprehensive Tooth Theory Anatomy, Causes for Discoloration
  • The Whitening Process
  • The Whitening Procedure
  • Risks & Exclusions
  • Aftercare & Maintenance
  • Suggested Pricing Guides
  • & so much more!

Plus: Complete access to updated training materials, on going support, supplies and much more.

Success and Revenue Potential

You could make full time earnings on part time availability. With one of the highest profit margins in the industry for services we also provide wholesale supplies, keeping you in returns at 10x your cost.

$109 - $250 per Appointment

2-3 clients per day.

$85,000 – $195,000+ per year!

Make your own schedule!

‘The Hustler’

‘The Hustler’ Teeth Whitening Starter Kit is the ideal choice for those who are looking at something quick and convenient, plan on offering mobile services or have a smaller space. A quick start to give you quick set up and make quick income!

Start Hustling!

‘The Entrepreneur’

‘The Entrepreneur’ Teeth Whitening Training & Starter Kit is ideal for existing businesses who want to add the service alone or for new entrepreneurs who want to get their toes wet. This kit sets you up with an incredible premium machine that is chic, modern and professional and includes the whitening necessities to get you rolling.

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‘The Boss’

‘The Boss’ Teeth Whitening Training & Starter Kit is for those who identify as a boss, self made boss or future boss! This kit includes a return that easily doubles your investment as it also includes your necessities plus different types of whitening gels and a bunch of retail products. The Boss of Kits.

Be a Boss

Tooth Gem Starter Kit

Learn how to bedazzle smiles with two different styles of application! Temporary lasts weeks to years while our semi permanent lasts months to years!

Get Bedazzling!

Light Therapy Module

LED Light Therapy has been around longer than teeth whitening, but thanks to celebrity endorsements over the past couple years this procedure has finally begun to get the attention it deserves! All natural, non invasive light therapy is safe for children and pets and helps with acne, rosacea, stretch marks, cellulite, collagen production, scars, pain management and so much more!

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Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Included in all our training but available for purchase separately at our special discounted rate!

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Feather Extensions Kit

The OG of services, a MissK classic. Add this fun little service to your menu and we’ll share our favorite suppliers with you since we no longer stock feathers for wholesale. Don’t worry, we know where to get all the good-good!

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The Unicorn has been providing teeth whitening service for over 11 years. Our business has been built on the foundation of being YYC’s leading teeth whitening provider. We have amassed over a 10,000 individual following on Facebook and have continued to expand our product line, community involvement and further our knowledge and skillset with on going training. Furthermore we have been able to become Platinum certified with our distributors and manufacturers, we are known for delivering amazing results and an amazing experience.

We genuinely love what we do and people feel that. Being driven, honest and fair has allowed us to be build an impressive reputation with you, the consumer and our manufacturers. By having this direct link means not only getting the best pricing on the market but assurance that you are getting a product that works and has a proven track record. This allows you to receive even MORE value by absorbing all of our accumulated training, knowledge and resources at a HUGE SAVINGS to you!

Lastly and most importantly, we are in the business of building businesses. We don’t just sell training and starter kits and leave you to fend for yourself. The resource centre for our teeth whitening specialists is packed and continually expanding with FREE content to help you scale your business and navigate challenging times/situations/customers etc. We want to see women rise and believe in building a community of high vibe entrepreneurs and business owners and would be honoured to be a part of yours.

Training & Starter Kits

Kits and Cost have changed since this video was made however the overview is the same 🙂

We love our customers!

Did you know all of our orders are hand arranged with unique packaging, decor, confetti, filler and other fun things!? We put lots of love, time, thought and detail into each package making it a fun unboxing experience and our way of saying thank you!

Group Training…

As restrictions ease and things return to a new normal following the COVID-19 Pandemic, we hope to reinstate our group/1-1 in person training sessions. Follow us on our social media to stay updated!

Why start this business?

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Disclaimer of Medical and Legal Liability:

The Unicorn & Finally White strongly advises each member or student (this includes, but not limited to physicians, nurses, estheticians, medical aestheticians, body workers, cosmetologists, health practitioners and tattoo artists) to research their local legislation and/or governing boards. It is your sole responsibility to c​​heck and clarify all rules and regulations pertaining to your country, state, province, city and county if you are planning on performing our training program procedures as a professional. Because The Unicorn & Finally White is offered through out North America, we cannot guarantee this information. Please check with your local health department, governing boards and FDA regulations regarding performance of any The Unicorn & Finally White course procedure.
The Unicorn & Finally White is not held responsible or liable for legal encounters regarding licensing, regulations, or other legal aspects pertaining to procedural operation.
This information should be researched prior to purchase. The Unicorn & Finally White is not held responsible for purchases made without prior knowledge resulting in tempted return or exchange. As stated in our Refund Policy and Terms of Use Agreement, “ALL SALES ARE FINAL” for all purchases made from The Unicorn & Finally White, under all circumstances.
All customers and students release The Unicorn & Finally White of all liability regarding the use of our training material and/or any products or devices manufactured/provided.