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Kelly is a successful and multiple award-nominated business owner and owner of The Unicorn Beauty Depot. She is the sole owner at The Unicorn and has multiple other business ventures including e-commerce stores, personal development and spiritual brand ‘Awaken the Queen Within’, podcast host and self-published author.

She was also an official nominee for SUCCESS Magazine’s Women Of Influence awards, 2022.  It is a prestigious honor to be recognized among some of the most influential women in their perspective industries such as Serena and Venus Williams, Ashley Graham and so many more.

Kelly is an author, entrepreneur and spiritual/personal development mentor and as she calls it ‘your own personal hype woman’. Having entrepreneurial blood since the days of lemonade stands and garage sales, Kelly has been building businesses and involved in commerce since she learned how to count. Add in natural incredible intuitive skills that are able to easily and accurately read people’s energetic strengths and limitations, Kelly has now helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs build successful businesses, create financial freedom and step into the next best version of themselves all while building, operating and scaling multiple 6 figure businesses in just one year (during the pandemic!).

Her story is “one from the trenches” she often says, having bootstrapped her business after quitting her corporate job with less than $5000 in savings. She aspires to inspire women to go after living a consciously fulfilling life and to build their own businesses all while continuing to catapult herself into new horizons of success every day. She coined the term ‘Aligned Entrepreneurship’ while developing her approach to successfully helping women build their businesses and the slogan ‘Queens that build together, Rise Together’ which is one of our core beliefs integrated through all our programs and platforms.

In addition to mentorship, Kelly also offers business consulting specializing in creating efficient systems and processes within small and growing businesses.

Her expertise lies in her abilities to:

  • identify where cracks are hiding within operations
  • spotting missed opportunities (for growth and improvement)
  • improving customer service, satisfaction, retention and loyalty
  • improving staff morale and cleaning up internal structures of poorly managed systems and operations
  • determine where efficiencies could be implemented to streamline operations
  • navigate stagnant periods of growth (in order to help you evaluate what is holding you back from stepping into further success)
  • help you work through limiting beliefs (that may be subconsciously self-sabotaging personal goals and dreams).

Often called “The Female Gary V” because of her focus and attention on a positive mindset with a compassionate no-nonsense attitude, Kelly too has an innate gift at spotting hot products, trends and ideas ahead of their time and capitalizing on growing markets.

Kelly has spent more than 20,000 hrs in personal development and is constantly expanding her education and foresight into personal and spiritual development.

What it takes to work with Kelly:

  • Clients must possess an overall positive attitude, this isn’t to say you won’t have bad days – but the desire to choose positive outcomes, ideas, thoughts and beliefs must be the end goal.
  • Must be ready to put in the work. Coaching and Mentoring does not mean your coach does the work for you. In order for you to properly create what it is you want – YOU must be the one who puts in the energetic (physical, mental and spiritual) currency first and foremost.
  • An openness to new concepts, ideas, habits and shifts in the way you currently think.
  • Honesty, transparency and authenticity
  • The desire and willingness to invest in yourself and your business
  • Most importantly: The desire to change, to evolve and to step deeper into a greater version of yourself.



What people are saying about working with Kelly…

Intuitive Powerhouse...

If you’re looking to take your life and your business to the next level, then Kelly is the woman for the job! Her corporate experience combined with her intuitive insights give you results that you just won’t find anywhere else.

J. Malik - Author & Success Coach

A rolemodel...

The energy and vibe Kelly brings to the table helps clients feel comfortable opening up and coming back to her. Her drive and work ethic makes her a role model. I look forward to the days I see her because she brings nothing but joy and happiness!

Fazila K - Client

Kelly changed my life...

My life has been forever changed by Kelly. I have seen such tremendous growth in Kelly throughout the years she is on a never ending journey of self improvement and self discovery, that in itself is something I greatly admire about her. Kelly was the one who introduced me to the world of the universe, energy, and manifestation. I honestly thought she was a crazy person when she would talk about it, at first of course I would listen and take it all in like a good friend would but at some point I knew if I didn’t level up as well then I would be left behind. I couldn’t have that as Kelly is one of the most infectious people I know. You can’t just have a little dose of Kelly, you will want more and more I promise you.
I am now living my best life and manifesting things people would only dream of and this is all thanks to Kelly. We would have weekly manifestation nights talking about our dreams and how we were going to execute them. Fast forward to now and we’re both living those dreams, this is not to say I don’t still struggle and have my bad days but Kelly had been a constant rock for me through all the ups and downs and helps keep me in check, always reminding me of where my energy should be directed and reminding me to surrender to the universe and its offerings. Kelly will forever be everything to me she is a big sister, mom, best friend, and mentor. Everyone needs a Kelly in their lives, if not you’re missing out.

Megan W - Student

Wow, Just wow!

Working with Kelly has tremendously up leveled not just my business but my life. Having started as an a technician in her program for teeth whitening, I watched as her business evolved drastically within a course of a year. I knew I had to hire her to help take me past my own limiting beliefs and scale my business (and life!). Watching her business evolve during a pandemic was testimony in itself to the power of her energy.  I worked with her for 3 months and have signed a year agreement to have her on retention for those moments I need access to her insights, energy and intuitive ways. While working with her I went from making maybe $2000 a month to almost $10,000 a month in less then 3 months!! I never invested in anything like this but I see now why it is important and I couldn’t be happier that this was my first experience with any type of coaching/mentoring.

Lisa M - Student

Results in a month

We hired Kelly to come do an internal sweep of our systems and procedures in our salon after taking her training program for teeth whitening. After a few conversations with Kelly, I knew she had tremendous value to offer in being able to help us scale our business in a positive and impactful way. Immediately upon having Kelly meet with our team and get a brief overview, she was able to spot cracks that were growing that could have been disastrous for our company. After implementing a few suggestions and having her work with our employees on customer retention and service, we saw immediate improvement in the staff morale and flow of our day-to-day operations. We saw our expenses decrease 15% as a direct benefit of the improved structures and team building.

Kelly helped shape the culture in 3 months, reframing the perception of our management and support team. This improved the culture within our work environment and also improved the amount of positive reviews we received on social media from our customers. While some issues were harder to have exposed to our upper management team, the results were undeniable.

Barbara M - Business Owner


This is personal for me. While I don’t have a business, I worked with Kelly after meeting her through getting my teeth whitening. Within just a couple months of her befriending me and me soaking up every ounce of her energy I could, I actually got the job of my dreams and began seeing a shift in the way things were unfolding for me. I knew this was because Kelly had such a positive impact through her ability to help me see things in an empowering perspective. I just started implementing the tiniest little changes she would suggest like the smallest adjustment to things I was saying/narrating in my head. I love Kelly and am grateful I met her she is helping so many people and has truly found her calling, this makes her unstoppable and powerful. Work with Kelly, you won’t be disappointed.

Melissa W - Student