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Sponsored Student Agreement and Consent to Release Information to Third Party

The Unicorn Beauty Bar (TU) works in partnership with students who have third parties assisting with all, or a portion of tuition and/or other student fees through sponsorship.

TU defines a sponsor as a third-party organization or group, including but not limited to First Nations, government bodies, public or private organizations, WSIB or employer (the “Sponsor”) who have an arrangement with a student to cover the student’s fees.  These Sponsors require an invoice made out in the Sponsor’s name in order to facilitate payment of their sponsored student’s fees.  Sponsorship does not include individuals and relatives or organizations awarding scholarships that can be facilitated without an invoice made out directly to The Unicorn.


  • Submit this signed Sponsored Student Agreement & Consent to Release Information to Third Party
  • Ensure Sponsor sends a Confirmation of Sponsorship Letter on your behalf to hello@theunicorn.ca
  • Be aware of sponsorship terms, conditions and exclusions
  • Review and keep your student copy of all invoices for your records.  Do not submit your invoice to the Sponsor for payment; TU will bill the Sponsor directly
  • Pay for or opt-out of any eligible fees that the sponsorship arrangement will not cover by the invoice due date
  • Provide directly to the sponsor any additional information the Sponsor requires in order to continue or maintain the sponsorship.  This includes requesting and paying for transcripts, confirmation letters, etc.


The Unicorn Beauty Bar complies with the provincial legislation that governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal information (the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)).  TU does not share personal information with third parties except as noted in the Notice of Collection, Use or Disclosure of Personal Information or with the individual’s express written consent.

In accepting a sponsorship from a third party Sponsor, who will submit payment for all or a portion of your fees, TU requires consent to share your account information with the Sponsor.  This consent is valid for all the programs/curriculums in which I have an active sponsorship with the Sponsor.


  • If requested by your Sponsor, TU may provide information to the Sponsor on your registration status if it affects the status of your sponsorship
  • TU will provide the specific details of all relevant fees charged to your account that are covered under the terms of the sponsorship, including the total balance of those charges;
  • If requested, TU will confirm to a Sponsor if you have more than one sponsorship arrangement that would cover all or a duplicate portion of what they have indicated they will cover – TU will not process sponsorships for fees that have already been covered by another Sponsor;
  • You are responsible for all fees not covered by the Sponsor through the sponsorship arrangement.
  • Due to the nature of our program and business, all course fee’s must be collected prior to shipments being dispatched and access to curriculums being granted.


  • The Unicorn Beauty Bar will not provide the Sponsor,  or any other individuals,  your personal information relating to any OSAP or government aid you may be receiving;
  • TU will not provide the Sponsor, or any other individuals, your personal information relating to  any awards, scholarships and/or bursaries that you may receive;
  • TU will not provide the Sponsor, or any other individuals, your transcripts, letters, grades, attendance or course progress
  • If any of these are a requirement of the sponsorship arrangement, you need to provide these to the Sponsor directly
  • TU will not provide refunds to you for credits resulting from course changes/adjustments made that were paid for by your sponsoring agency