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This amazing opportunity is available to our technicians. Interested in joining the team? Purchase your starter kit today to gain access to this program!

Currently in Beta Testing

This program has been revamped from our referral program and is specifically for our existing technicians.
Offering much more in rewards and incentives in a tiered program, meaning the more you refer the more bonuses you get.
Check out the program and details below and please make sure you review the fine print and details located at the bottom of the page.


Simply request your exclusive discount code using the form. You can customize your request (code) and we will do our best to match it as closely as possible.

This code will be exclusive to your account, all orders processed using your code will be allocated to your tier. Please use the form to request a code and join the ambassador program!


    ‘Referrals’ are applicable to tooth gem or teeth whitening training/starter kits only. Does not include feathers, tints or LED therapy modules/training kits (unless its included in the Platinum or Diamond Kit). Referral bonuses will be issued once referral is confirmed within 1 business day.

    We reserve the right to cancel or change these incentives at any point, without notice, during our BETA phase.

    We also reserve the right to cancel an ambassador code for any reason not limited to: abuse, theft or inactivity.

    Referral bonuses are applicable during sales and promotions.

    Tiers and bonuses will evolve. Let us know your feedback as we continue to grow our programs for you.

    Your referrals MUST use your specific code during checkout to be honored. Under no circumstances will be referrals or codes be honored after a sale, even if immediately after.

    Cash bonuses will be e-transferred within 1 business day of confirmed referral.

    FREE Shipping and 10% off discounts are unlocked once, not per referral.

    Referral bonuses expire December 31. The referral program runs during a calendar year and will automatically reset every January 1.

    ¹ Bonus products are sent according to applicable training & certification. No requests, exceptions, subsitituions or exchanges at cash value.

    ²Free shipping offer is valid from date of 4th confirmed referral and valid for 3 months. Available to a maximum of up to 1x a month or 3 total uses (whatever comes first).

    ³Gift cards will be sent electronically from retailer of choice out of the available options: Sephora (Canada), Amazon (Canada) and Starbucks (Canada). Total gift card value is not tiered, maximum $100.00.

    ⁴10% off most supplies available in applicable supplies centre. Offer is valid from date of 10th confirmed referral and valid for 3 months. Maximum discount allowed of $100 allowed per transaction or 3 total uses (whatever comes first). Cannot be combined with points, sales or promotions. Cannot be exchanged for cash value.

    ⁵Platinum certification illustrates advanced knowledge of our program, added value products, gifts on your anniversary date and more to come. One per technician. This program will also be developed more over time.