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Our Story: An International Woman’s Day Special


Queens the build together, Rise Together

The story begins with a woman, Miss K, who had hit rock bottom in her life like most of us often do before embarking on our true life’s path. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, she was in a terrible state. But she decided to change her life for the better and began working on herself in every aspect. She joined a gym and surrounded herself with high vibe women who believed in supporting each other and creating positive memories together.

With her new found bestie, she started meeting every week for deliberate high vibe powerups, which they called “Bae Daes.” These weekly sessions became accountability sessions, motivational meetings, pick me ups etc! From tackling relationship problems, to work problems, dreams of the future, goal setting dates and so much more. While the purpose of every weeks get together varied, sometimes they needed extra encouragement to go after their dream job they were gunning for or complain our about SO’s (ya’ll understand) the theme was the same. They would cook delicious food, drink the weirdest concoction of alcoholic beverages & encourage one another. Never focusing on the problems for too long and always making a point to end every Bae Dae’s on a solution. A plan. A high note! They would then wrap up and conclude with watching Netflix and falling asleep on the couches. The next day, a refreshed, renewed, inspired and future version of themselves was embodied and tackled the weeks goals ahead.

Over time, their group grew to include others from their own friend groups and beyond. It became a whole THING, where sometimes a dozen people from different walks of life were in her house, enjoying the vibe building one another up, celebrating eachother, motivating one another and listening to Miss K go on her epic motivational rants.

They would praise each other and celebrate one another’s achievements, calling each other “f*ckin Unicorns”. This turned into a group chat on Snapchat called “Unicorn Baes,” where they could share their lives and support each other through tough times. When Miss K quit her job to start her business, she rebranded it as The Unicorn Beauty Bar (now ‘Depot’ today), inspired by the community that had played such a pivotal role in reinventing who she was and drastically changing her life for the better.

The importance of finding a community of high vibe and empowering women to support each other in entrepreneurial journeys cannot be overstated. Miss K found strength and inspiration in the community she had built, and she wanted to share that energy with others. She believes that everyone deserves that kind of community in their life, whether they are specialists, clients, fans, friends, or family.

The true unicorns in our lives are not mystical creatures, but the people who lift us up, support us, and help us become the best version of ourselves. This is what International Women’s Day is in part about and what The Unicorn is about. It’s about celebrating women, and here at The Unicorn – that’s exactly what we’ve built our foundation on.

Today, I (Miss K’) hope that my story will inspire you to find your own unicorn community and to also find it within us here at The Unicorn Beauty Depot. You can ALWAYS sit with us.

Join the squad today.

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