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Vendor List:

Moon Light Feather – great collection of feather hair extensions (as well as craft feathers), quick, AA feathers.

Feather Emporium – Dave has been doing this for decades and is an incredible small business owner. He has the most extensive collection of feathers on the market and was also prominent during its spike in 2012. The website is outdated but he is old-school, highly recommend for the BEST quality feathers in the game. AAA Feathers.

Feather Lily – Recommended by a client.

Since these feathers are tied to the fly fishing community, you can also find feathers in fishing tackle/supply stores.

All referrals are shop at your own risk.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t double bead, this is clunky and unnecessary.
  • Silicone lined micro links open and close way easier than non-lined, stick to the lined.
  • Non-silicone lined beads are only great for bang feathers or at the end if you are “dropping” feathers.
  • Snip the top of the feathers off after crimping to keep it from poking your clients scalp
  • Keep it .5″ an inch away from the scalp, too close will cause a bubble under the hair and your feathers to poke out in a funny way. Place it slightly down (.5″ from scalp” and give it a light crimp first to make sure it lies flat before crimping closed all the way).
  • Use a fresh bead each time to keep it tight.
  • Feathers will grow out with hair, they can easily be readjusted by opening the bead, sliding the feathers back up and crimping shut.
  • It is completely normal for hair to fall out if you move/readjust a set of feathers, this is hair that has naturally shed.
  • Feathers will eventually get greasy after months of wear especially if your customers wear lots of products. Feathers can be re-fluffed, sanitized and brought back to their beautiful original state by ‘steaming’. Simply holding them over a steaming kettle (at the nozzle) to revive them.
    Feather Emporium | Fly Tying Feathers | Fly Fishing Feathers
  • Be gentle with straighteners. Pulling with hot heat will snap feathers, so straighten and curl gently.
  • These can be washed, blow-dried, curled, straightened etc.
  • Feathers will absorb dyes. Hair dye is known to transfer into feathers and permanently change their color, keep this mind if you or your clients have recently colored hair.
  • You do NOT need a special tool to open your beads/link, watch my horrifyingly embarrassing video to see how a normal pair of pliers opens them just fine.

The average retail cost for feather hair extensions can be $5-10 per feather with bundles of XX often being offered for a smaller savings. Larger rooster tails, extremely long feathers or feathers dropped into braids may retail for upwards of $25. As long as your client maintains the feathers and does not break them, these feathers can last for years. Overtime your clients hair will grow out and you will need to reposition the feathers.


This one is almost too embarrassing to share, I uploaded it with a terrible phone quality camera in 2012. It does go over how I would do it with pulling wire!