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Online Tooth Gem Training

Become a tooth gem artist today and enjoy a fun & lucrative side hustle or add it to an existing service menu!

Learn at your own pace in our self-directed online courses. Take your time or complete your training in as little as an hour! All orders ship out within 1 business day, once your order ships your online access is activated and you can begin learning while your kit is on its way to you!

Purchase your kit, take your course & start your business today!

Everything you need to build a profitable tooth gem business!


What you will learn

Comprehensive and professional dental theory in the application of cosmetic tooth jewelry. You will also learn the practical application, tips and tricks, design series training in common design work like the butterfly, gold gems and working with Swarovski crystal dust.

  • Overview and Introduction An introduction into tooth gems and a look at their time throughout history
  • Safety and Sanitation Bloodborne Pathogen Training & Certification is included complimentary
  • Comprehensive Application Theory How tooth gems are correctly applied
  • The Tooth Gem Process What to do & what not to do
  • Our two different styles of application Stand out in your industry by offering two unique application methods
  • Risks & Exclusions What can go wrong if tooth gems are done incorrectly
  • Aftercare & Maintenance How to achieve maximum retention
  • Suggested Pricing Guides
  • & so much more!

Plus: Access to our professional curriculum for at least 1 year, access to wholesale supplies forever, ongoing support and so much more.

Success and Revenue Potential

You could make full time earnings on part time availability. With one of the highest profit margins in the industry for services we also provide wholesale supplies, keeping you in returns at 10x your cost.

$50 - $500 per Appointment

2-3 clients per day.

$36,000 – $360,000+ per year!

Make your own schedule!

Glitterati Business Kit

FREE Training is included with each business kit purchase. This means everything you need is ready to go in one click. With our cosmetic tooth jewelry business kit, the Glitterati, you can even customize your curing light to suit your style/branding and tastes. With hundreds of crystals and all the supplies you need to get started, our incredible comprehensive program is included for FREE with your business kit purchase. You’ll learn from a team of instructors who have been doing tooth gems for over a decade and are passing on their wealth of knowledge and experience directly to you! Let’s get you started.

Become a Tooth Gem Artist

Course Only Option

Training/Course Only option is ideal for someone who needs a refresher, extended access or added training. This option is for our course/curriculum only and does not include supplies.

Get Training

Private, 1-1 Training

Private training is ideal for someone whose learning style needs more attention on a hands on or 1-1 approach. Those in Calgary or willing to travel can opt to schedule a private, 1-1 training. Online 1-1 training is also an option. Private training is arranged with a lead instructor and available 7 days a week (upon availability). Surcharges do apply for private training and require a non-refundable booking fee.

Private Training


The Unicorn has been providing tooth gem services for over a decade and has built the foundation of being YYC’s leading tooth gem provider. Over the years we continued to learn and perfect our own application,perfecting our tooth gem application in the only way possible – through trial and Error. We know what to do, and what not to do and this is how we have created the best training program available. You’re learning from our successes and failures, backed with support by Dental professionals our program has grown to become a trusted source for reliable tooth gem application and training.

We genuinely love what we do and people feel that. Being driven, honest and fair has allowed us to be build an impressive reputation with you, the consumer and our manufacturers. By having this direct link means not only getting the best pricing on the market but assurance that you are getting a product that works and has a proven track record. This allows you to receive even MORE value by absorbing all of our accumulated training, knowledge and resources at a HUGE SAVINGS to you!

We offer wholesale supplies and process orders within 1 business day. Our supplies center is stocked with Swarovski crystals in hundreds of different colors, sizes and shapes. We also offer Preciosa and Serinity Crystals in addition to Bello Opal tooth gems. FREE standard shipping is available for orders over $150, we offer a competitive points program for $ off your supplies and lots of waits to earn points. Our warehouse is located in SE Calgary for FREE pickups and local same-day shipping options are available.

Training & Starter Kits

 The Unicorn Beauty Depot is proud to offer two kinds of tooth gem bonding techniques.
The only company to offer both temporary and semi-permanent gem training, starter kits and wholesale supplies.
Both styles are applied with dental grade bonds (adhesives – same used for braces etc).
No drilling, no damage and completely reversible!
What’s the difference between our two styles? Take a look at the video below for a quick introduction!

We love our students!

Did you know all of our orders are hand arranged with unique packaging, decor, confetti, filler and other fun things!? We put lots of love, time, thought and detail into each package making it a fun unboxing experience and our way of saying thanks!

1-1 Training…

Are you looking for in-person 1-1 training? Do you learn better with a more hands-on approach? If so, take a look at our 1-1 training options which can be arranged on your schedule and whenever you’re available.

Why start this business?

Open the images below to learn more about the tooth gem business, the cash chart shows what you can make with a single appointment!.

Disclaimer of Medical and Legal Liability:

The Unicorn & Finally White strongly advises each member or student (this includes, but not limited to physicians, nurses, estheticians, medical aestheticians, body workers, cosmetologists, health practitioners and tattoo artists) to research their local legislation and/or governing boards. It is your sole responsibility to c​​heck and clarify all rules and regulations pertaining to your country, state, province, city and county if you are planning on performing our training program procedures as a professional. Because The Unicorn & Finally White is offered through out North America, we cannot guarantee this information. Please check with your local health department, governing boards and FDA regulations regarding performance of any The Unicorn & Finally White course procedure.
The Unicorn & Finally White is not held responsible or liable for legal encounters regarding licensing, regulations, or other legal aspects pertaining to procedural operation.
This information should be researched prior to purchase. The Unicorn & Finally White is not held responsible for purchases made without prior knowledge resulting in tempted return or exchange. As stated in our Refund Policy and Terms of Use Agreement, “ALL SALES ARE FINAL” for all purchases made from The Unicorn & Finally White, under all circumstances.
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