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Blog: Coaching Calls

FREE COACHING CALLS Recently I had an incredible call with a strong, powerful smart entrepreneur lady boss and friend (who was first a student). This single conversation left both of us completely amped up, rejuvenated and motivated in our businesses. It re-ignited the passion inside of me for the coaching/mentorship world. While the boom of … Continued


Lady Boss Etsy Store

A store curated by one of our students on products ranging from aprons, decors, door mats etc. Including Tooth Gem and Teeth Whitening themed content with pieces being added daily.

Square Resource

Get FREE processing on your Debit/Credit transactions for your business simply by signing up to Square below!

There are FREE terminals or very affordable handheld terminals if you wish to also provide printed receipts.

Make sure you can accept payments (get paid!) in all forms by signing up for Square! Get FREE processing on your first $1,000 in process or first 6 months (whichever comes first!).

Get Free Processing

*New accounts only.

Stickermule Resource

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule

If you’re looking for fast, high-quality custom products like magnets, keychains, stickers, product labels, coasters, buttons and more – check out Stickermule! Click here to save $10 off your order of $30 or more – oh, and it’s FREE shipping!

Tip: Design anything in Canva and save it as a PNG or SVG for the best-printed quality.

Recommended Products for Teeth Gem Artists and Teeth Whitening Specialists

Fill a gumball machine with real JUICY prices and charge $50+ for a spin! Offer extra gems, gold gems, products etc! Ring lights are great for Taking Before & Afters, Use a prize wheel to make your appointment fun, offer a heated blanket and charging cords to add more value to your sessions.

Imitation crystals should ONLY be used for practicing, never in a clients mouth. These are perfect for mastering your technique, no point in using your quality crystals in your practicing.

These chairs are light weight and portable, great for mobile sessions. Mini fridges are ideal for storing your gels.