Ideal Client Workbook


Stop wasting time and resources on the wrong clients with our comprehensive guide, “Identifying Your Ideal Client.” This ebook will teach you how to define and target your ideal client, resulting in more effective marketing efforts and higher conversions. By understanding the needs, values and behaviors of your ideal client, you will be able to create a message and offer that resonates with them, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers. Say goodbye to wasted efforts and hello to a clear and profitable target market with our ebook.

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Picture this…

✨Your business is thriving✨. Your clients are always on time, leave raving views, tip generously, refer everyone they talk to and never complain about price increases. You love getting up in the morning because your clients are pretty much your BFFs. You can’t wait to see them, they can’t wait to see you, and your calendar is booked months in advance.

This wouldn’t be possible without your clients, more importantly – your ideal clients. Let’s image you can clone your favorite client over and over and over.

Well, if you learn to identify who EXACTLY your ideal client is, you can then begin to curate your content and business specifically FOR them and basically cloning them. More importantly, you can take the steps required to show up as the provider they DESERVE.

This workbook will help you do just that, become a magnet for your ideal client…


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