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What makes entrepreneurship so sexy?

The Oh’La’La’s of Entrepreneurship…

…Freedom. 😍🕊️

Freedom to be able to afford what you need, when you need it. Freedom to be able to afford what you WANT when you want it. The ability to live life unrestrained to schedules or budgets.

It’s the knowing that you, your family and your loved ones are taken care of. It’s the feeling of creating something that is uniquely yours and watching it blossom into something that can not only provide you a stable source of income but maybe even provide incredible employment opportunities for other people who need it (ripple effect of impact).

It’s getting up to sit on your porch to have coffee every morning deciding when your schedule starts. It’s taking time off when you need a few days for your mental health & self care.

Honestly, I could go on.

With all that deliciousness comes some of the most terrifying things many of us will face…change, doubt, imposter syndrome, insecurity.

In order for most of us to create the life we envision for ourselves and our businesses it requires us to show up as a version of us that pushes us out of our comfort zones.

Our evolution and the evolution of our business cannot happen in a place that is comfortable. It means doing the things that appear scary, unknown. Humans automatically fear the unknown because our brain is meant to keep us alive and when something is familiar – it’s perceived as safe.

Recognizing this simple truth will help you realize the illusion fear presents and continue to focus on the Oh’la’la’s of business and what lies await for you.

You know what helps? Community. Finding and nurturing a community of like-minded, high vibe entrepreneurial woman is crucial to helping you make decisions that not only help encourage you to go after what you want by reminding you how bad-ass you are and how supported you are.

If you’re looking for this energy, join us at The QEQ Podcast. A massive revamp to the podcast is coming soon and I am SO excited to show up bigger and bolder for you! (It’s something that I have put off because I have had to walk the walk myself by facing my own fears). Soon you will be able to find us on TikTok, YouTube and with a new podcast format! For now, there are over 40 episodes you can catch up on to help you face your fears as you start your business.

Ready to start your business with The Unicorn? Click the link to get started by purchasing your kit and joining the squad today!

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