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RLT Module & Protocols

Hey Techs! You can find your RLT Modules and Protocols here now since some people couldn’t receive the large email downloads!

RLT is normally offered in a “bundles/minutes” package, similar to tanning. You can sell minutes individually (retail $2-5 per minute) or combine them into discounted packages of larger amounts (of minutes) for more frequent sessions. This allows your client to prepay in advance and increase efficiency in your service. Please begin on a case by case basis. Perform a consult with your client to determine the area they want to treat on a priority level. This will allow you to learn your treatments and protocols as you tackle them. Your first sessions should always be at 40-50% (or low) strength, with 100% (or high) after your client has returned and there were no adverse reactions.

Please contact me if you would like a certificate for this module. There is no quiz for the LED Light Therapy.

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