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Blog: Self Care Routine Resources


Whether you enjoy journalling, visualizing or having accountability sessions with a friend – self care routines are essential for ensuring you take care of your overall health including mental, physical and emotional.

We have included two free resources from two our favorite programs, which have all either in part or full been used by the squad here at The Unicorn and come highly recommended.

The voice note routine from Gala Darling is a favorite. At the same time, the work from Danika Brysha at Self Care Society has proven to be instrumental in creating the small daily habits required to develop long-term & sustainable positive change in one’s routine (that is entirely focused on self-care).

Take a look at the resources below and begin incorporating the practice, make it a 30-day challenge and watch how it can drastically improve your life in that short time. Make sure to come back and let us know how you did in 30 days and how you felt/what changed or improved in your life. If you found any resources you would love to share, make sure to leave them in the comments as well!

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