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We know what it takes because we’ve had to take it…

So you’re here from YTShorts (or maybe you happened here some other way), eh? Either way, that means you’re ready to hear some positive, inspirational true underdog story of someone who quit their corporate job to start a business. And Won.

Just incase you didn’t know, the teeth whitening industry is a BILLION dollar industry and growing. You don’t need to take our word for it, you can easily check these stats at places like statista.

That means building a business in this industry is a smart move and a great opportunity to take advantage of a growing market and demand! If you can solve a problem your clients have (ex: insecurity over a yellow smile) with a great product (a gentle whitening gel that delivers results in 1 hour) than you have a viable business at your finger tips!

Now, about us – we’ve built our entire foundation from the ground up – NO rich kids inheritances or Shark Tank success stories here. No hand outs, no friends & family donations, just a complete ‘time to hit the ground running’ story. Now, don’t get us wrong – start up capital is freakin GREAT. If you have that luxury of having help, then by all means TAKE IT. We’re just saying, we didn’t have that luxury. We’ve boot strapped our way just like Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx) did! With maybe 2,3 thousand to her name our CEO quit her corporate job to start a teeth whitening business from her home, less than 4 years later and she’s grown her business to be the most sought after program in the industry for those who want to start a teeth whitening business!

It has been nothing but hard work, grit and determination. Our training program launched officially just before the shut down of our planet, yet it was THAT year (and in just the one year) that we became a 6-figure business.

We highly believe that aside from having the best product and system in the game, the real root of her success has come because, well to sum it up as she would say, this is because “We don’t sell training programs, we build businesses” .

Since the birth of our training program, which launched just months before the panaroma hit, Kelly’s ruthlessly poured into her students/trainees as much as physically and mentally possible. She knew that in order for her to succeed, THEY had to succeed. This is where and why the resource center was born.

Now Kelly, she’s a bit of an odd ball ya see. She’s ‘one of them’. One of them who entrepreneurship and business just came naturally, like she was the girl with lemonade stands and organizing garage sales. She’s always had a knack of the world of entrepreneurship, creating businesses, and immersing herself into anything commerce related. For fun, she would spend the weekend putting price tag stickers on everything in her bedroom and playing store. (We freaking love her though haha).

So the hustle, the game, was (and IS) fun for her but she knows that this doesn’t come naturally to 90% of those who find themselves as entrepreneurs. While building businesses is what she calls, “her kink”, a close to second to that is mentorship and coaching. In the resource centre, you’ll often find Kelly woven into all the videos and materials – anything coaching related shes pretty much behind or infront of it. She shows you how to use markets to build your business, she teaches you what write offs are and how to find them, she teaches you how to market your business, how to offer promotions, how to build a social media presence, she even has a section of pre made social media assets (with captions) that you can use. PLUS, so much more – but you get the point.

This constant presence and pouring into her students is the foundation to why we are one, if not the most, successful training businesses in our industry. People, students, relate. They see what’s possible if you WILDLY go after what you want. We show you what growth looks like. You’ll see this in Kelly’s first training videos  all the way to the one where a professional videographer was hired. It’s all there, so you can be inspired and see the growth and evolution!

We’re not just another corporate organization capitalizing on a profitable industry and giving you the bare minimum, we are direct success of our students success.

Are you ready to join us and build your own successful business? Ready to be your own boss, take charge of your financial freedom and become a master of the capitalist game – not a victim of it? Let’s go!

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