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You are the secret sauce, don’t let yourself go bad (burnout).

(reading time 5-10 minutes)
I used to think burnout wasn’t possible if you were doing something you love, but it is—especially if it means everything and everyone else you love gets neglected.

Without going too deep into the quantum realm of how our energy creates our reality, let me just state that there is a DIRECT correlation between the state of your BEING and the state of your BUSINESS. You’ve no doubt noticed when you’re thriving, your business is thriving. When you’re depressed, your business suffers. This might manifest in complaints, problem clients, technical difficulties, missed opportunities, etc.

I’ve spoken on this before, but after the past 18 months of enduring some of the most painful and humbling refining I have ever experienced (and burnout!), I knew things had to change. Without skipping a beat, the second I prioritized myself and my own well-being (mentally, physically, etc.), I immediately saw undeniable shifts in my business and in the business I am currently working on.

One night, after a week of some of one of the most exhausting and stressful moves of my life I had a massive explosive fight with people close to me. This was actually building as for the month prior I was spiraling further into depression, anxiety, fear, self sabotage, limiting beliefs. The accumulation of the entire 18 months before that was breaking my down and I finally collapsed. That night things came into focus for myself. I looked inward and realized that for the past 18 months, I was not being the version of myself that had created that 6 figure business in one year – I was the old version. I had slipped into old habits, old thought patterns and old beliefs. I isolated myself under the guise of being a homebody and introvert but it was all so that I couldn’t face accountability for who I let myself become.

The night I realized this, was such a powerful moment for me. Something switched in my brain—literally felt like something went off.  Everything became clear. I knew what I had to do and who I had to become to align myself with who I knew I was, not who I was being.

I immediately joined a gym that evening and started going the next day, I started making an effort to meet my friends, taking dance classes, traveling (locally), watching more rom-coms, eating better, and fundamentally shifting who I was as a person to align with the version of myself I see coming in the near future. I became much more intentional with my emotional state and began asking myself: What does V3.0 of me look like? What does she do for fun? How does she spend her days? How does she see the world? How does she approach struggles? How does she eat? What has she done today to get her where she is now? What habits has she instilled etc?

This day was life changing for me, I even have the date marked “Epiphany, V3.0” in my journal and calendar. The second I started actively embodying this version of myself, things changed.

I have seen this play out in my life before, this was the same moment I had when I entered V2.0 in 2018. The day I quit my job and decided to go all in on my business. This was the exact same thing that happened but of course, in it’s own way. The wild thing is, I have known this was coming for almost 2 years but my mind wanted to reject the uncomfortableness of such a high level of growth I literally refused to face it until things got shooken up so much there was nothing left to do but face the music (a journal for another day).

Whether you can feel the same calling is happening in your life or your in the middle of your own upgrade, I want to help give you some tangible tips that are going to help you embody your own V2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc. Hopefully, before it all comes crashing down and you’ve hit rock bottom. If you’re as stubborn as I am this may be a reoccurring theme in your life and so hopefully this helps avoid that at any cost haha.

(Also fun fact, this is such a reoccurring theme that in 2017/18 before my first upgrade happened, I got a massive leg tattoo of a Phoenix. Symbolic of the constant rising from the ashes that I have ever experienced in my life)

Embodying Your Own V2.0/3.0/4.0 etc:

So, how can you embody your own V3.0? Here’s what worked for me:

    • Visualize Your Future Self: Seriously. Let yourself imagine her and sit with it often and for as long as you. Actively spend time imagining the best version of yourself. What does your V3.0 look like? How do they feel? How do they act? Write down your vision in detail. Write down how you envision she carries herself? What is her outlook on the world/relationships/people/opportunities.
    • Create a ‘I’m Thriving’ Plan: This is what someone would call a ‘self care plan’ but tbh I feel like that word (self care) has lost so much power because it’s such a buzzword. So, let’s call it ‘thriving plan’. Develop a plan/ routine that includes activities you absolutely love and that replenish your energy. Whether it’s meditation, exercise, hobbies, or spending time in nature—make it a priority.
    • Get Moving: You need to exert and move the energy in your body and emotions. You must. Stagnant energy goes foul. What’s really helped me is not  looking at physical activity as exercise or “going to the gym” but that it’s an active-action that I am intentionally putting into myself to shape the best version of me. It’s more than just ‘loosing weight’ or getting snatched, it’s energetic investment into my body/psyche/ mental health. Try this out the easiest way possible for yourself, using whatever form of physical activity that you enjoy the most to get you going. Here’s a bit of a mind fuck too, for some reason I thought I hated the gym. I would recoil at the thought of going even though I have nothing but beautiful memories/experiences of any time I have ever spent in a gym. So, while I didn’t actively follow my own advice by choosing something I enjoy right off the bat, the second I was in the gym and working on myself – that feeling flooded back. It was actually surreal. So, examine yourself deeply too – self awareness is important. Even if you think you won’t enjoy it, let yourself be open to reshaping the experience and you might be surprised. BUT, if you know of something that you actually can’t wait to get into—be it yoga, running, or dancing—than do it, and make it a regular part of your life.
    • Mental and Emotional Health: One of the absolute most important things on this list. Seriously, it’s non-negotiable. Prioritize your mental health through mindfulness practices, therapy, or journaling. Address any emotional issues and work towards a balanced mindset. Protect your peace: this has been something I have been using as a mantra. When tensions arise or I want to get upset about things that are below my current state of vibration, I choose to protect my peace and shift my focus away from it. It has been MIND BLOWING seeing how this has truly helped and protected my peace. My anxiety and self-defeating thoughts have almost vanished entirely at times. This to me was eye opening, when I started actively choosing to protect my peace rather than engage in thoughts or behaviors that didn’t serve me – the self diminishing/deprecating behavior also started fizzling out. Now, when you actively choose mindfulness in those moments – OOF.
      • Sub note: Mindfulness is about being present and fully engaged with whatever you’re doing at the moment. It could be as simple as taking a few deep breaths and noticing the world around you. Or it could be more structured, like a daily meditation practice. Meditation can be triggering for a lot of people, especially if (like me) you have ADHD. Let me give you some real advice about meditation “Fuck what you think you know about meditation”. I am very passionate about meditation, but nothing gets me more filled with righteous anger than the SLEW of bad advice about meditation. Let me ease your mind and tell you that it’s not about “quieting your mind and having ZERO thoughts”. *rolls eyes*. NOW, is there a place for that level of enlightenment to which one can reach a state of bliss in ethos, without a thought and just in the receiving mode of inspiration or dialogue with the Universe? absolutely. But unless you’re living in a monastery high in the Himalayas, it’s okay to have thoughts during meditation. It’s about observing them without judgment and gently bringing your focus back to your breath or mantra.Remember, meditation is a practice. It’s about training your mind to be more aware and less reactive. It’s about creating space in your life for stillness and clarity. Find what works for you, whether it’s guided meditation, mindfulness walks, or simply sitting quietly for a few minutes each day. The goal isn’t perfection—it’s progress and inner peace.
    • Nurture Relationships: Invest time in your relationships with friends and family, seriously. not only do strong social connections boost your mood and provide a support system, you’ll find yourself leveling up and expanding your perspective in ways that you would either never reached alone or only be able to reach once going through your own trials and tribulations. The second I started actively nurturing friendships in my life again, particularly those with people who were of the same vibrational frequency, my mind opened with new insights/perspectives and possibilities. Perspectives and massive shifts to my being that I had robbed myself of experiencing through the years of isolation. Reach out to those you admire, nurture relationships that are empowering/healthy/positive/loving and uplifting. When a community of women band together they are truly unstoppable. Even more so when this community is aligned.
    • Pursue Joy: Do you absolutely love a good sappy rom-com? Me too. In fact, I’ve only gotten into them within the past year. I joke that it’s part of my path to embody my soft girl era but it really is. I also love face timing with friends and having virtual paint nights, I love shopping for Knick knacks and exploring small businesses, I absolute love pubs and bar food lol. I am a pro with a can of spray paint (not really but I love it), I enjoy reading and coffee and I am on a mission to find things that actually bring joy. This means I am actively trying new things and putting myself in new situations to find things I love and enjoy. (Should I write a blog on this too??). Whether you’re like me and not used to prioritizing yourself and have a small list or you have an extensive list of hobbies – prioritize and make time for activities that bring you joy. Whether it’s watching movies, exploring new hobbies, or traveling, ensure you’re regularly doing things that make you happy.
    • Healthy Eating: As a recovery ‘salt addict’ this has been one of the biggest changes I have made. I am currently exploring healthy foods and finding things/diets/recipes that I am drawn too and that me and my body love. I actually REALLY love salads. Living off this is no problem for me. I am a salad HOE. Weirdly enough, I never even let myself enjoy them either. I avoid them because of the shame/stigma there is around bigger people eating salads. This has been a wake up call for me as well. I played right into the stereotype that society perpetuated because I didn’t want to judged for eating salads. LOL. Let me tell you, when my V3.0 Epiphany happened, the level of ZERO fucks reached that night was also life changing. I am not actively enjoying all the healthy foods I genuinely love and am OBSESSED with how good I feel. Pay attention to your diet and how you’re fueling your body. Nutritious foods fuel your body and mind, it’s common knowledge that it feels better to eat better – just find what that looks like for you so its sustainable.
    • Personal Growth: As someone whose actually DIALING BACK in this area, I have become EXTREMELY mindful about the personal development content I consume and BY WHOM I am consuming it of. Is this someone who genuinely speaks to me and motivates me. Is this information that inspires me to embody me as a wholly flawed human being while being an unstoppable and limitless soulful individual? Is there growth in the shadows or shame? If you are finding growth and healing (even if its uncomfortable and ugly) than you’re in the right place. I have over 50,000 hours invested into personal development and let me tell you – most of it that is out there, isn’t right for you. So the second you feel a check in your gut about what kind of content your consuming – listen to it, because even personal development can burn you out. Now in saying that, you should never stop seeking opportunities for personal development. Read, learn, and challenge yourself to grow. BUT, also trust yourself – you have all the answers you need in each moment.

Embrace the Journey:

The path to becoming your next version is ongoing, it’s not a 30 day challenge or something that stops when you hit X milestone. There will always be more growing and upgrading to do so the best thing you can do is let yourself go along for the ride. Celebrate the small victories, stay patient with yourself, and enjoy the process. As you align with the best version of yourself, you’ll notice profound changes in your life and business. Embrace each step and watch as your reality transforms to mirror the incredible person you are becoming – I promise!


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