Feather Extensions Starter Kit


Kits will come with:

  • 150 feathers – assorted colors, sizes, patterns, thickness, lengths ( you can make your own bundles or sell them individually). These are real feathers, not synthetic.
  • 100 Microlinks – Assorted colors: Black, Dk Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Blonde
  • 2 Hair clips – to hold hair while positioning
  • 10 Pieces of pulling wire – alternative way to attach
  • 1 Looped Hook – alternative way to attach
  • 1 Pulling Hook – another way to attach
  • 1 set of pliers – to crimp the feathers to the hair
  • Once your kit ships, we will email you a video tutorial link
  • Vendor list for supplies

Suggested retail pricing: $20 for bundles of 4-5 feathers or $5 per feather.

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The OG of MissK services! How The Unicorn started in 2010 was with feather and hair extensions.
Feather Extensions are my jam, I love these for how diverse they are and they are such a fun extra service to add to your menu!

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer offering wholesale supplies for feathers, only the starter kits but will send you the link to the best wholesale supplier for your extra products. 

Feathers can be washed, blow-dried, curled and straightened.
These will last forever* and will only need minor adjustments as they will normally grow out with your clients hair. Takes only minutes to put in!
*forever if they are treated nicely.

You can:

  • Offer this service mobile
  • Add it to a service menu
  • Perform as a standalone service
  • Bring to events/markets
  • Do group parties/birthday parties
  • Add as an incentive or perk
  • so much more!
  • Pictures are for example, your feathers will vary as these are natural real feathers and no two bundles will look the same!


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