Saucy Jazz



Available ONLY from May 21st – June 3rd, while supplies last!

This limited edition bundle is curated in honor of one of our most determined and socially conscious entrepreneurs – Jazz! Jazz has illustrated an immense sense of social awareness and is a multi-business owner and entrepreneur. Not only has she illustrated some of the most driven, optimistic and positive energy as one of our longest standing coaching clients but also one of the most socially conscious, ethical and inclusive business owners we have had the privileges of working with.


A portion of these sales will be donated to the Autism For Life Foundation.

Earn up to 1,149 Points.



The Saucy Jazz bundle includes:

Glitterati Business Kit,

Mmaster artist practice set,

free training and certification,

1 year access to our comprehensive curriculum,

blood borne pathogen training and certification and access to our library of curated certifications that can be added to your portfolio!

Master Artist Practice Set include 7 separate pieces totally over 4000 crystals:

  • 1 Tray of containing 2400 assorted crystal & crystal ab crystals in appropriate tooth gem sizes
  • 1 Pack of over 1600 crystals in rainbow mix colors and sizes
  • 1 Carousel containing over 12 styles of familiar gold tooth gem designs
  • 1 5gram bottle of Crystal AB Pixie Gravel
  • 1 Wax Tip Gem Pen
  • 2 Professional Dental Typodents (Display Mouth) to Practice On

Bonds, Primers and Etchant are NOT included in a practice set. Practice set contents are NOT for oral use. Do not use imitation crystals on real clients.

Additional information

Curing Light

Celestial Blue, Cash Money Green, Midnight Black, Pink Chrome, Purple Royalty, Royal Gold, Classic Coin Silver


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