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External Recommended Products

In order to keep offering as much value to our technicians, The Unicorn Beauty Bar has joined Amazons Associates Program. This allows us to link extra products that we find valuable but are unable to provide for you, directly. An affiliate program is designed to provide means for sites, like ours, to earn commissions on qualifying purchases. 

Fill a gumball machine with real JUICY prices and charge $50+ for a spin! Offer extra gems, gold gems, products etc! Ring lights are great for Taking Before & Afters, Use a prize wheel to make your appointment fun, offer a heated blanket and charging cords to add more value to your sessions.

Imitation crystals should ONLY be used for practicing, never in a clients mouth. These are perfect for mastering your technique, no point in using your quality crystals in your practicing.

These chairs are light weight and portable, great for mobile sessions. Mini fridges are ideal for storing your gels.